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Blue Economy in Europe is thriving according to new economic report

The European Blue Economy is proving to be a very dynamic economic sector with strong growth potential. European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries - Karmenu Vella - predicts that with continuous investment and innovation, the sector could double in size by 2030. In addition, the European Blue Economy is more robust to fluctuations in the economic climate and often has stronger growth than national economies.

The report provides an overview of the current state of play and recent trends in the six established blue economy sectors (extraction of marine living resources; offshore oil and gas; ports, warehousing and construction of water projects; shipbuilding and repair; maritime transport; tourism) in various EU Member States, in order to gain insight into where new opportunities and sustainable competitive advantage can be found. In this way, the report provides an important link for policymakers and stakeholders to further develop the Blue Economy in European waters, focusing on connecting social, economic and environmental aspects.

The European Blue Economy in a few figures:

  • Turnover: 566 billion euro
  • Value: 1,3% of European GDP
  • Employment: 3.5 million individuals


The report can be downloaded from the DG MARE website via the following link.