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Ostend launches SeaZone competition to stimulate the Blue Economy

Are you interested in the Blue Economy and how science can help Ostend marine life or do you want to convert your idea into a business case? Within the framework of the European project BluAct, which connects and stimulates several European port cities to focus on the Blue Economy, the city of Ostend is introducing the 'SeaZone' competition.

Blue growth is an umbrella of actions to promote business ideas and products that are related to the regional sea and that contribute to health and the environment. SeaZone wants to bring together citizens, companies, young talent, innovation and creativity. The new ideas and collaborations that result from this are intended to stimulate a sustainable economy in Ostend. All ideas are welcome; from drones that repair windmills, seaweed as a food substitute, smart vacuum cleaners that get plastic out of the sea, to swimwear made of recycled plastic. SeaZone wants to breathe innovative life into the port and the maritime landscape and make it an integral part of the City of Ostend again. This SeaZone competition is aimed at students, entrepreneurs and companies who want to work in the Blue Economy.

Do you have an innovative idea or product in mind that can give maritime life in Ostend an ecological and sustainable boost? Then be sure to read all about the SeaZone competition and submit your project via the competition form. The SeaZone competition will be launched on Tuesday 10 September 2019 in Greenbridge. Would you like to be present at the launch? Sign up via Eventbride.

Link: www.oostende.be/seazone