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2019 brings new research and innovation opportunities

Joint call for proposals on microplastics in the marine environment:

This joint transnational call intends to increase the knowledge about the relevant sources of microplastics, analytical methods for identifying smaller (micro- and nano-)plastics, monitoring their distribution and abundance in marine systems and their effects thereon as well as concepts to reduce inputs of plastic into the marine environment. 

Budget: 9.5 million EUR
Belgian funding: Belspo
Closing date call: 28 February 2019

For more information on this call: JPI Oceans

Blue Bioeconomy - Open call for pre-proposals:

In general projects within this call should explore innovative, yet sustainable and climate-friendly utilisation of aquatic biomass at different trophic levels, as well as sustainable harvesting, and novel aquaculture production systems targeting a range of existing or new markets, products (food, feed, chemistry, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc. applying a food first principle). The aim is to create, test, upscale and bring to the market new knowledge-intensive products and services derived from a diversity of aquatic biomass. The proposals should seek to be complementary with or adding to other projects funded under FP7 and Horizon 2020, ERA-NETs, BBI JU or other funding schemes, both ongoing and recently finished.

Budget: 29.25 million EUR
Belgian funding: Vlaio, FWO
Closing date call: 17 March 2019

For more information on this call: JPI Oceans

Second MarTERA call on transnational research and innovation projects:

This call is initiated by ministries/funding organisations from Belarus, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey and targets innovative research in the following five priority areas:

  • Priority Area 1: Environmentally friendly maritime technologies
  • Priority Area 2: Development of novel materials and structures
  • Priority Area 3: Sensors, automation, monitoring and observations
  • Priority Area 4: Advanced manufacturing and production
  • Priority Area 5: Safety and security

Budget: 15 million EUR
Belgian funding: Vlaio
Closing date call: 29 March 2019

For more information on this call: JPI Oceans

The overall goal of the MarTERA Cofund is to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) in maritime and marine technologies and Blue Growth.

Second Joint Call ERA-Net Ocean Energy:

ERA-Net Ocean Energy supports ambitious, transnational research and development projects to develop and demonstrate offshore energy production technologies.

The project proposal need to fit within the following topics:

  • Ocean Energy Devices
  • Components and Subsystems
  • Grid Connection and Power Systems
  • Materials and Structures
  • Installation, Operations and Maintenance
  • Resources and Impact 

Total budget: 7.5 million EUR
Belgian funding: Vlaio
End date expressions of interest: 1 March 2019

For more information on this call: ERA-Net Cofund Ocean Energy

Pre-announcement - JPI Climate & JPI Oceans Joint Transnational Call on Next Generation Climate Science in Europe for Oceans:

Addressing the grand challenges of climate science requires stronger and immediate transnational action to strengthen climate knowledge and enable informed societal transformation to mitigate and adapt to climate change. This joint call between JPI Climate and JPI Oceans proposes to mobilize funding organizations for transnational added values on climate sciences with a special focus on oceans and climate interactions.

Budget: up to 7.6 million EUR
Belgian funding: Belspo
Opening call: February 2019

For more information on this call: JPI Oceans

The Blue Cluster:

Three times a year, the Blue Cluster launches a call for innovation projects in the blue economy. The first call is now open and project proposals must be submitted before 1 February 2019. This application does not yet concern a complete proposal, but a 10-pager in a standardized format. In this first call, no restrictions are imposed on project type, budget or theme. The only substantive condition is that the project must contribute to the realisation of the roadmaps 2019-2020 of the Blue Cluster.

For more information on this call: The Blue Cluster

The Blue Cluster is Flanders' sixth spearhead cluster that wants to make full use of the advantages of its location on the North Sea to develop a strategy for a competitive and sustainable blue economy in Flanders. This is based on an ecosystem approach that emphasises the relationship between ecology and economy. Industry 4.0 is also embraced by a strong commitment to digitisation and smart grids. The Blue Cluster is open to start-ups, SMEs and large companies.